What is Role Play for children?

Kids&Kafe is a creative and educational Role Play system for children from 0-8 years old. Specially created for the little ones to pretend and experience real life activities while their parents are relaxing and having a cup of coffee.

10 key benefits of Role Play for children

1-Develop communication and language skills

2-Allow children to act and make sense of real-life situations

3-Allow children to explore, investigate and experiment

4-Develops social skills as children collaborate with others

5-Encourages children to have empathy: by assuming the role of character, teaches children to understand different perspectives.

6-Help children learn about different cultures

7-Encourage children to express their ideas and feelings in a relaxed environment

8-Develops children’s awareness of themselves and others

9-Makes children learn more since learning is disguised as a game

10-Evokes creativity and imagination

Norma Maria Carretero, psicóloga clínica y Psicoterapeuta dinámica,

Col. 14.146, Barcelona. Consulta propia, niños/adultos, también en English/Français